Photovoltaic system installation engineer

Can you install grid connected photovoltaic power generation system yourself

Solar photovoltaic power generation system can also be built by yourself

There are several main steps in the installation of photovoltaic system

The photovoltaic installation system mainly includes the following steps? 1. Survey and Design: 1 day 2 Project material declaration and project payment: 2 days 3 Project distribution: 2-3 days (according to the actual delivery date of the manufacturer) 4 Project installation: about 3 days 5 Grid connection acceptance: the main process of project installation in one week. The first day: material distribution and roof hook fixation. The next day: bracket installation and component installation. The third day: the line pipe is fixed, the inverter and electrical lines are fixed, and they are connected to the grid and switched on after being accepted by the power company. The commissioning report shall be completed and delivered to the customer within three days after grid connection

My home is ridge type. Can I install solar photovoltaic power generation system

1。 Single chip microcomputer and special software are used to realize intelligent control;

2。 Accurate discharge control using battery discharge rate characteristic correction. The end of discharge voltage is the control solar rack system point corrected by the discharge rate curve, which eliminates the inaccuracy of simple voltage control over discharge and conforms to the inherent characteristics of the battery, that is, different discharge rates have different end voltages.

3。 It has full-automatic control such as overcharge, over discharge, electronic short circuit, overload protection and unique anti reverse connection protection; The above protection will not damage any parts or burn the insurance;

4. The series PWM charging main circuit is adopted to reduce the voltage loss of the charging circuit by nearly half compared with the charging circuit using diode, and the charging efficiency is 3% – 6% higher than that of non PWM, which increases the power consumption time; The automatic control mode of over discharge recovery, normal direct charge and floating charge makes the service life of the system longer; At the same time, it has high-precision temperature compensation;

5. Intuitive LED light-emitting tube indicates the current battery state, so that users can understand the use status;

6. All controls adopt industrial chips (only for industrial controllers with I), which can operate freely in cold, high temperature and humid environment

Can distributed photovoltaic power generation system be installed in self occupied villas? How’s the PV

You can apply with the local power system and energy-saving government agencies. There are many supporting equipment for photovoltaic power generation. May I ask. And drilling mechanism design and installation

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Installation steps of ground photovoltaic modules

Installation steps of ground photovoltaic modules: