Why buying car insurance with the broker better than agent


          Nowadays, the trend of insurance is increasing, which implies that many people are concerned about insurance since it extremely beneficial and help to save the money when the

loss occurs. However, there are other methods for acquiring insurance, such as through a broker, agent, or directly with the insurance company. The benefits and drawbacks are distinct. The following are some of the benefits of purchasing through a broker:

1.      Clearly and correctly information

           If you acquire car insurance through a broker, you will receive more information than if you purchased it through an agent, such as the term, coverage, condition, or any exclusion specified in the policy. Allowing you to readily comprehend all conditions. On the other hand, particularly individual agents, may provide you with information that is limited only to the coverage, which can lead to problems with the claim process in the future because you are unaware of the exclusion

2.      Having professional staff available

         The staff or sales of the broker’s car insurance are more professional than individual agents since they have received the broker license, which guarantees insurance knowledge and experience. Because some people may not receive the same license as the broker if you purchase through an agent. As a result, you may be confident that if the problems arise, the broker’s personnel will be more helpful than the agent.

3.      Avoid the language barrier

          Language is one of the most common issues encountered by international visitors to Thailand. If you get car insurance through a broker, you will eliminate communication errors and prevent language barriers since the personnel will be proficient in Thai and English, which is incredibly useful for you because they can translate or offer the English version for you. In contrast, if you purchase through an agent, some persons can only speak Thai, which leads to misinterpretation of all car insurance policy information.

4.      Variety of payment methods

           Payment is an important transaction when acquiring insurance since the insured must pay the initial premium before receiving coverage when a loss occurs. Payment may be difficult or complicated if you buy through an agency. However, you can pay via bank transfer, credit card, or other methods accessible when purchasing through the broker.

5.      Having good after sale services

          When there is a loss, you might still contact the broker directly at all times. As a result, you may be certain that if you have an issue, the broker will always assist you. Because some agents exclusively sell insurance, but the insured cannot seek assistance when difficulties arise.

         These are the top five reasons why using a broker rather than an agent is preferable. However, I would recommend “Rabbit Care” as the best insurance broker for car insurance in Thailand that you should not miss. Because it is the leading insurance broker with an excellent reputation and credibility. If your automobile is damaged in a car accident, you can contact the surveyor to obtain 24-hour roadside assistance. Furthermore, you can quickly pay the initial premium because the installment is also supplied by cash or credit card, both of which are convenient.